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Your guide for moving and investing in the Austin market

Your guide for moving and investing in the Austin market



Get prepared.

A guide to the first things new Texans must do–including vehicle registration, registering to vote, and getting a Texas drivers license. 


Find the area best suited for your individual needs, without leaving your old lifestyle behind.

find your new home.

property taxes

Get the lowdown on property taxes in Texas and how they differ from those of California. 

learn about taxes in texas.


Looking for an investment property? Get a better understanding of the Austin area and what makes it one of the top cities for investors. 

make your investment count.

Find out what the city has to offer and why it was ranked one of the fastest growing metro cities in the United States.  Learn about the food, culture, and entertainment by letting our experts guide you in the best up and coming locations ideal for those moving from California to Texas.

leaving califorNia for austin?

been there done that. let our expert team help you find a place like home.

Thinking about moving from California to Texas just like we did? We want you have a good experience and not make costly mistakes. We focus on Austin as the ideal place for Californians to move. Our firsthand experience will help you make a smooth transition, free from stress and worry.

We are qualified REALTORS®. We know the Bay Area,  Southern California and the Sacramento area. We have the contacts and experience to make your life easier.

We help our clients have a smooth transition