Steps you need to take to officially become a texan!


Get a Texas Driver's License

Your old California driver’s license is valid for the first 90 days that you live in Texas. After that, it’ll be time to apply for a Texas license. Note that Texas differs from California in that your license and car registrations are issued through separate entities.

To get a new license, make an appointment with your local Driver’s License office. Make sure to fill out your application beforehand, and meet the list of requirements.

Register your Vehicle

Before you get your driver's license, you’ll need to register your vehicle. In Texas, your registration sticker goes on the windshield of your vehicle. This sticker included your license plate number, county of registration and expiration date, while also serving as proof of inspection. Addition-ally, it lets you pay by mail on toll roads. We recommend registering online.

Get your Vehicle Inspected

Your vehicle must pass an inspection each year before you can register it.

Luckily, inspection stations aren’t hard to find, as most auto shops and some gas stations offer the service. 

The inspection generally costs around $20 and only takes a few minutes to complete. Need help finding a station near you? No problem. This locator will help you find a convenient place to get your vehicle squared away!

Register to Vote

Registering to vote in Texas is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is fill out an application at this website, then mail it to the county clerk. 

Helpful hint: Texas has two weeks of early voting before each election, with polling places all over the city. These locations offer a quicker experience than voting on election day. Check your local county’s website before early voting starts to see where local polling places are located.